Clover, Alex and Sam are best friends who live in Beverly Hills. Then, one day, their whole lives change when they accidentally stop a world crisis. WOOHP (The World Organization Of Human Protection) recruits them as major international Spies...

Only Sam, Alex and Clover know that they could be WOOHPed at any time by Jerry and get sent to the most unbelievable places. Their mission: to fight the bad guys and save the world with style! – all with girlish elegance and flair!
« The Most Popular »
« Clover only ever thinks about gorgeous clothing and cute guys and there's only one thing she wants: to be the classiest Spy ever! She loves shopping, buying shoes and fighting bad guys! »
« The Intellectual »
« She's beautiful, intelligent... and looks great while she crushes the bad guys! »
« The Best Friend »
« Sporty, cool, funny, Alex is the nicest... unless you're a villain! Because as soon as she sees one, she turns into a Karate Black Belt! »
« The Initiator »
« Head of WOOHP, he assigns missions to the Spies. Thanks to his very British sense of humour, the Spies never dare refuse... »
« The Pest »
« All she wants is to be the most: the most famous, the most liked, the most sophisticated... Her aim is, obviously, to make Alex, Sam and Clover's lives impossible. »